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Public Safety & Corrections

Background Investigations for Law Enforcement and Corrections

A comprehensive background investigation is one of the most important hiring tools to avoid risk and liability. When it comes to protecting our citizens and communities, we are the best the industry has to offer. We have the industry specific knowledge, experience and expertise required for a successful investigative partnership.

IDS is the industry leading provider of nationwide background investigations to law enforcement and federally contracted correctional entities. IDS has been a trusted partner in the law enforcement and corrections community for close to 10 years.

Nationwide Comprehensive and Customizable Solutions

Public Safety Solution

  • Nationwide in-person coverage
  • Compliant with state requirements
  • Licensed Personnel
  • 100% quality review
  • Experienced investigative team
  • Trusted Provider

The IDS Difference

  • Cost savings & reduced travel expenses
  • Ability to expand recruiting initiatives
  • Keep officers on the street
  • Sworn and non-sworn personnel
  • Live access to status
  • Local and out of state options

Nationwide Field Services and Screening Solutions

Investigative Fundamentals
  • In Person Applicant Interviews
  • Employment Verification
  • Neighborhood Checks
  • Reference Interviews
  • Driving History
  • Credit History
  • International Criminal History Check
  • Full Suite of Investigative Options
Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel

We work closely with clients to find the right solutions to meet their investigative needs and budget. With a full suite of investigative service offerings, we tailor packages to meet the specific needs for sworn and non-sworn personnel.

Cost Savings

It has been proven outsourcing saves our clients money. Most agencies are unaware of the true costs of keeping investigations in house. In addition, clients can avoid travel costs while still maintaining important face to face interaction for out of state applicants.

Expanded Recruiting Options

We know how important it is to have face to face interaction when conducting a background investigation. Our nationwide field team gives clients the ability to recruit anywhere in the U.S. while still maintaining in person contact.

Live Access to Status

Our proprietary case management system was designed to meet the specific needs of the public safety community. Our solution is 100% paperless, and allows clients to view the live status of a case 24/7.

Local and Out of State Options

We understand the needs of each client are unique. Therefore, we provide options ranging from 100% outsourcing to handling only the out of state leads.

Keep Officers on the Street

IDS has been trusted by the public safety community for 10 years. Our elite investigative team is highly experienced in conducting background investigations. Background investigations are what we do, keep your officers on the street and let them do what they do best.

Industry Specific Services

Application History Checks

IDS investigative staff will contact all law enforcement agencies to which the applicant has applied, but was not selected, to ascertain the reason the agency did not select the applicant for employment. Follow up will not be made with departments in which the applicant is currently in process.

Social Media

Our reports give an in-depth, comprehensive picture of an individuals on line presence. IDS provides our clients with relevant and actionable social media data to support the hiring decision making process. With customizable reporting options, we include information and screen shots from a wide variety of on line sources. Reports are FCRA and EEOC compliant.

Prison Rape Elimination Act Verification

IDS personnel will ensure the PREA Questionnaire for Prior Institutional Employers form is completed for all prior institutional entities in which the applicant lists on his paperwork. Completed forms will be uploaded into the system for inclusion with the final report. Any derogatory information will be flagged for notification.

National Decertification Index

IDS investigative staff will search the national registry of certificate or license actions related to officer misconduct. If any misconduct is found, IDS will verify with the contributing authority.

PPD Skin Test

IDS will provide electronic scheduling for applicants to complete preemployment tuberculosis screening. If test results are positive, a second test that includes a baseline chest x-ray will be scheduled. IDS will provide secure storage of records of test results. Applicant’s results should return within a 72 hours turn-around time.

Physical Exams – Post Offer

IDS will provide electronic scheduling for employee candidates to undergo required preemployment physical exams. IDS will store physical exam results and track status. The physical exam will include measures and reviews of: visual acuity, hearing acuity, heart rate, blood pressure, range of motion and flexibility (need for accommodations/ ability to perform the functions of the job), and TB skin test.

Our Clients

TSA Logo

IDS is Proud to be a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Small Business of the Year Awardee!

“I have had the great pleasure in working with the field Investigators along with IDS as a whole in completing our background investigations. The professionalism shown in the communication and report writing skills from IDS has expedited my meeting of deadlines and expected dates on my end as a personnel investigator.”
Personnel Investigator, Correctional Facility
“You and your staff work miracles for us, and are always prompt when we send ten thousand emails! Thank you for all that you do for us as well!! We greatly appreciate it!”
MTCJC Human Resource Specialist
“ROIs are clear, thorough, and matter-of-fact. You keep us advised of situations and are very responsive to questions/concerns. Reports are good and appreciated, as well. So, all in all, I’d say we’re happy with IDS’ customer service and quality.”
Department of Public Safety HR Manager
“Your crew has been exceptional with our verifications as well as very timely. I have to travel a lot and some of these classes are short notice by the time I get back to the office to get the registrations submitted to you. The reports I receive are very complete and thorough with everything I need. I appreciate the attached detailed notes as well. I appreciate everything your company does to get this accomplished. I wouldn’t change anything at this point. (If it’s not broke, don’t fix it).”
Scott Armstrong, U.S. Transportation Security Administration, Program Manager
“You guys have been super attentive to us, and that is very much appreciated.”
HR Manager, MTC
“We really appreciate all that IDS has done for us.”
HR Manager

Federally Certified Small Business and Approved for

TXMAS: 19-738X01
TX License #: A17770

OASIS: Small Business Pool 1
Contract 47QRAD20D 1052

GSA Schedule: MAS Human Capital
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Pre-Employment Background Investigations