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Information Discovery Services has the unique ability to deliver high quality and timely reports of investigation that are designed around the needs of our clients, not ours. By coupling our suite of automated services with a nationwide team of credentialed, licensed and federally cleared investigators, we ensure our clients have all of the information they need to make a confident hiring decision, the first time.

We create a custom solution for your business with our innovative-services, customer-oriented personnel and the strengths of our allies. Our strategic alliances include a network of companies that leverage our combined strengths to offer solutions that improve performance for our clients. We are a full service investigations firm focused on your solution.

Our Services Create Your Solution

Background Investigations Pre-Employment Screening

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Federally Certified Small Business and Approved for

TXMAS: 19-738X01
TX License #: A17770

OASIS: Small Business Pool 1
Contract 47QRAD20D 1052

GSA Schedule: MAS Human Capital
SIN 561611 GSA GS-02F-094BA
Pre-Employment Background Investigations

Pre-Employment Background Investigations

With deep expertise in pre-employment screening, criminal background checks and nationwide hiring compliance, you can trust that IDS will provide you with the right information, the first time.

Customer Service

  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Comprehensive and Accurate
  • FCRA Compliant
  • Easy to Access, Easy to Use
  • IT and New User Training Included

Working With Information Discovery Services

Integrity of Service

We strongly believe it is paramount for clients to understand the source of the data they are receiving and work with a qualified partner who possesses extensive knowledge of the investigative process. IDS is fully transparent to our clients, and works with them to understand the various benefits and limitations of certain screening approaches and database searches. IDS holds our integrity and level of professionalism above all else, and will never sacrifice quality of service in the name of profit. It is because of this experience, transparent approach and expertise that has helped us earn our 99% voluntary client retention rate since inception.

Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

IDS places customer satisfaction and compliance as our top priority. We have differentiated ourselves within the investigative industry through our commitments to our clients, innovation, and our willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients’ needs are met. Providing innovative solutions to solve the problems of our clients is important to IDS. Hiring the right people, using a proven training model, cultivating mission buy in, meeting customer expectations, and providing employees with growth and developmental opportunities sets IDS apart from other entities.

Compliance Support

Mitigating risk for our clients is imperative. We implement best practices, and work together with clients to ensure:

  • Utilization of legally compliant notices, applications, and other communication tools as prescribed by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and state and local law, to include disputes and re-investigation requirements.
  • Adherence to provided timelines developed during implementation to adequately meet FCRA and state and local legal requirements.
  • Adjust processes (without change-order fees) when federal, state and local law changes dictate a change in process or requirement.
  • Provide appropriate notice of such changes in process based on legal change.
  • Proactively identify opportunities to strengthen client’s compliance.
  • Client training at no additional cost.
  • 100% hit verification.

Our Clients

TSA Logo

IDS is Proud to be a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Small Business of the Year Awardee!

“I have had the great pleasure in working with the field Investigators along with IDS as a whole in completing our background investigations. The professionalism shown in the communication and report writing skills from IDS has expedited my meeting of deadlines and expected dates on my end as a personnel investigator.”
Personnel Investigator, Correctional Facility
“You and your staff work miracles for us, and are always prompt when we send ten thousand emails! Thank you for all that you do for us as well!! We greatly appreciate it!”
MTCJC Human Resource Specialist
“ROIs are clear, thorough, and matter-of-fact. You keep us advised of situations and are very responsive to questions/concerns. Reports are good and appreciated, as well. So, all in all, I’d say we’re happy with IDS’ customer service and quality.”
Department of Public Safety HR Manager
“Your crew has been exceptional with our verifications as well as very timely. I have to travel a lot and some of these classes are short notice by the time I get back to the office to get the registrations submitted to you. The reports I receive are very complete and thorough with everything I need. I appreciate the attached detailed notes as well. I appreciate everything your company does to get this accomplished. I wouldn’t change anything at this point. (If it’s not broke, don’t fix it).”
Scott Armstrong, U.S. Transportation Security Administration, Program Manager
“You guys have been super attentive to us, and that is very much appreciated.”
HR Manager, MTC
“We really appreciate all that IDS has done for us.”
HR Manager