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What We Do

Pre-Employment Background Investigations

Our nationwide team of highly trained and federally cleared investigators have an average of twenty years prior investigative experience, and are comprised of former federal, state, and local law enforcement officials.

IDS’ investigations program support National Security clearance adjudications, public trust hiring as well as suitability determinations for Federal, State and municipal government agencies.

We offer end to end program management and support options. Investigations include:

  • In-person interviews with applicants, references, neighbors, employers, and medical professionals
  • Document and records retrieval, review and validation
  • In-depth and comprehensive reports of investigation delivered
    electronically via our secure case management system
  • 100% quality review
  • Pre-Screening of applicants to identify disqualifiers early
    in process

Background Investigative Field Services

A comprehensive background investigation is one of the most important tools an agency has when it comes to avoiding the risks and liabilities that could come as a result of a bad hire.
Conducting thousands of high quality investigations annually, our nationwide team of Field Investigators, Quality Managers, and Program Support personnel offer the highly sought after subject matter expertise and industry leading technology essential in performing a comprehensive background investigation.
Offering a broad range of customizable investigative services, we work together with our clients to develop the solution that will offer the most benefit to the organization.

  • In Person Background Investigations
  • Applicant Interviews
  • Criminal and Civil Record Review
  • Employment Verification
  • Residential Checks
  • Character References
  • Education verification
  • Site Visits
  • Program and Case Management
  • Additional Screening Services

Screening Services

IDS offers a broad range of screening solutions for Federal and Commercial clients; providing pre-investigative screening services to federal agencies, as well as private correctional entities. We also offer a suite of background check packages via our integrated screening management platform featuring on demand screening applications.

  • Drug & Health Screening
  • Credit Checks with Fraud Alert
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Identity Verification
  • Experience Verifications
  • Prior Employment
  • Customized web based portals
  • Civil Court records

Adjudicative Support Services

Uncovering the facts in a background investigation is just half of the equation. Making the right hiring decision based on those facts is just as important. IDS can assist you in standardizing the adjudicative process, while allowing you to make hiring decisions with confidence.

IDS provides adjudicative support to our clients by offering a proprietary automated decision-making tool based on the Federal adjudicative guidelines used in national security clearance decisions.

  • Provides a reference guide to act on unfavorable information developed in the investigation
  • Defines and outlines adjudicative criteria
  • Follows federal adjudicative guidelines
  • Ensures all issues are fully addressed and mitigated
  • Focused Subject Interview/Written Statements
  • Source Testimony Verification
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Post Investigative Fieldwork

Site Visits

IDS conducts unannounced site visits nationwide on behalf of federal clients and law enforcement agencies;

Pre-Employment site visits are aimed to validate an applicant’s residence listed on their application and provide observations as to the condition of the structure and surrounding areas.

Medicare Provider Enrollment site visits ensure compliance with CMS’ standards for providers of Durable Medical Equipment required to obtain and/or maintain billing privileges in the Medicare system.

  • On site interviews and document verification
  • Time stamped photographs of the structure and
  • Report includes summary of findings and observations